Civil Rights Movement.

What is the Civil Rights Movement?
These days we are talking about the Civil Rights Movement in the USA, focusing on the fight that African-American people led through non-violent boycotts and sit-ins against racial discrimation and segregation. Not only did the African-Americans fight for their rights, but also the Chicano, Indian, Homosexuals and Women protested peacefully (most of the time) to get recognition and rights. This happened from 1955 to 1968.

How did it start?
This all started when Rosa Parks decided that she would no longer stand up in the bus to give her seat to a white person in Montgomery. 90% of the African-American people of her town followed her in her social disobedience led by a very young Martin Luther King who became the leader of the movement nationwide. Many other non-violent demonstrations followed. He got the Nobel Peace Prize  in 1964. A few weeks ago, President Barack Obama sat at Rosa Parks' seat in the Montgomery bus. He also got the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.

What did they achieve?
Trough pacific means, they attained the passing of very important laws regarding the banning of discrimination in many aspects, the opening of the USA frontiers to non-Europeans citizens, the actual right to vote; these laws were called: Civil Rights Act, Immigration and National Services Act and Voting Rights Act.

You can watch the video of one of his most important speeches in Washington while you read it: I have a dream speech. It is very touching, it always moves me, especially because some things have not been attained yet, 40 years after it.

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  1. I have yet seen it. I have a dream: my teachear´s rights are attained by my students and their family. Regards.

    1. I expected you had already watched it, Ángel("yet" goes with negative sentences). Do we really heve rights as teachers? Are we going to lose them? Best regards.

  2. Hi tie, I'm anonymous... I think you are doing a good job with your students, I am one of them LOL. Or not, I don't know who I am.
    Anyway, I doubt that all the persons have the same rights today, and it's really sad... I mean, we have to walk a long way for this objective.
    But I think that this people, who has been discriminated by history, can't be the discriminators, and it's happening in several places, trust me. We must fight for the same rights in all the humans, and I'm gonna do all that I can for this objetive
    I gotta go to do my homework... hahaha, or I say i must to go to do my homework, I'm joking... Nevermind.
    I wanna that their classes be more time talking in english, is really bored if not... In my opinion.
    See ya!

    1. Hello Israel!Thanks for the cumpliment, I wish we could have more talking in our 29-students-class!!! Nevertheless, I guess you need writing lessons as well. Regards ;)


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