Thank you!!!

The insides of my blog.
This is going to be my last entry in a few days because where I am going there is no wi-fi!! Can you believe it? But I did not want to leave without saying thank you to all of you who have been there. As you can see in the picture, there are already more than 50,000 visits in total (not bad for an educative blog in a year and a half).
I also wanted to give you the list of the top ten, that is, the most visited so you can visit them too. I am going to present them backwards, the last one is the most visited:

So, what are your favourite posts?


A joke to laugh a little during the holidays...

Uldis Liepkalns
I don't mean to get into politics now, not at all, but it made me fun how Obama looks back to the child.
I am taking a little rest these days because the end of the course was exhausting for me and I have been ill for a while; now I am feeling better but I still need some days to rest myself.
I will probably get back to tell you all about my trip in a few weeks. Do you know where I will be going this year? In a few days I will tell you.
Have a nice holidays meanwhile!!


Singing in the rain...

I know it is reeeally hot, at least here in Spain, but as I now have much more free time, I came across this old video which is very well subtittled and is one of my favourite pieces of a musical. It is also very optimistic and talks about partying at that time.
I hope you enjoy it!