What is there...?

Health for All
My students of first of ESO are working now on food and are learning how to say "there is something" or the contrary and to ask. We also get the chance to review what they eat and if they eat in a healthy way or not. There is a lot of information about how to eat healthily, you can find some at the National Health System of the UK's website.

I have made a brief  sketch to help you:

Countable singular(1)    Countable plural (+1)       Uncountable
Affirmative There is a/an...

There are some...

There is some...

Negative There isn't a/an...

There aren't any...

There isn't any...

Interrogative Is there a/an...?

Are there any...?

Is there any...?

I would like you to tell me what is on the table and what there isn't on the table that you would like to see. You can look for the vocabulary on this complete Visual Dictionary site.

You can do some more exercises on countable and uncountable  nouns at the study zone of the University of Victoria or at this page of English Grammar Exercises.
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  1. I´ve left a comment about you at my blog.

    1. I have already seen it. Thank you very much Ángel, I appreciate it a lot, I will take my time to continue the chain. Thanks again!!!

  2. Me parece muy interesante este post

    1. I'm glad to see you by, Carlos!!! Thank you very much for commenting on the blog.

  3. Hello Ana I am Juan Carlos Agar. There is a chocolate cake, ice cream, hamburguer. There is some orange juice. Bye Bye!!!!

    1. Hello Juan Carlos!! Very good, but remember!!!Hamburgers with no "u", some ice-cream, a hamburger! Good work!


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