Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

As you know, this weekend is Thanksgiving, a long weekend in the USA. There used to be a celebration of the harvest before the colonists came. After their coming, the Pilgrims -arriving from Europe in the Mayflower- didn't have enough food and the Native Americans helped them. Nowadays, the celebration remembers and gives thanks to the Native Americans.
They celebrate it with a feast, a banquet celebrated in family and a legal holiday which usually becomes a long weekend (Thanksgiving is always held the fourth Thursday of November). In these days, the Friday after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday because shops open and start selling for Christmas and they turn "red numbers" into "black numbers" because of the amount of things they sell.
We have passed from not having enough to eat when the first Pilgrims arrived to the consumism of today's society. What do you think about this? Does this happen in Spain somehow? Please leave your comments and let me know!!