What would happen if bees disappeared?

Bees have lived for 80 millions of years and their population is decreasing alarmingly even up to 50% of the  bees are disappearing. I have heard lately that Einstein said something like: "Should bees disappear, the human race wouldn't outlive them more than four years". There would be no pollination, some vegetal species would not survive, therefore, some animal species would vanish as well and all our food chain would be altered.
 We have been working on conditionals and this post is written in the second conditional because it is an unreal or improbable situation. Let's see a quick review:

 Zero type
 If present simple, present simple.
 Habitual results.
 If you heat water up to 100º, it boils.
 Type I
 If present tense, will+infinitive.
 Probable results.
If it's sunny, we'll go to the beach.
 Type II
 If past tense, would+infinitive.
 Improbable, unreal situations. Also advice.
 If I won the lottery, I would travel around the world.
 Type III
 If past perfect, would have+ past participle.
 Impossible situations because they refer to the past.
 If I had listened to my mother, I wouldn't have been so miserable all my life.

 You can practice a little bit at English Grammar 4U online or at Perfect English Grammar.

What do you think? What would you do if bees disappeared?
Leave your comments and tell us!!!Use the second conditional type!!
Just in case you get too negative, you can listen to this song by Beyoncé which is one of my favourite songs, especially because of the lyrics. (it is written using the second conditional because she talks about how she would behave if she were a boy)

Beyoncé's  If I were  boy:

You can learn more about conditionals in this other post of the blog.


  1. It would be terrible. There would be no honey to cook "torrijas".

    1. You're right, Antonio, what would we do without our "torrijas"? Thank you so much for commenting on the blog.;)+

  2. jajaja hello are you english or spanish?? byee

  3. In my opinion the bees could be destroyed because I hate them. But if they dissapeared, the cycle of the nature would have importants changes.

    Mª José Muñoz, 4ºA helped by Álvaro Pérez, 1º bach B

    1. A bit exaggerated, aren't you? Remember adjectives do not have plural!!!
      Thank you both for commenting on the blog.


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