Organising a fashion show (Learning clothes vocabulary)

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One of the funniest ways to learn vocabulary is to use it in combination with the present continuous form of the verb "to wear" as if the students  in the class were in a fashion show, parents can also do this at home.

In this way , we would have a presenter or two who would say what their mates are wearing, "s/he is wearing..." or only presenting the models and have the models say: "I am wearing..." Remember to use the colours before the clothes items and, for higher levels, the clothes patterns.

It is also fun to prepare this fashion show; they have to decide what clothes would they wear, what the order of the models is, how long do these models have to be on stage... in this way, they use the second language for a communicative purpose and also develop other competences such as learning to learn, social competence, mathematical competence...

You can also find many worksheets and activities on the internet, I leave you some examples I have found which I think suit my students, but there are many more:

Those of my students who send me a commentary describing the children in the picture, will get a reward, so leave your comments!!


  1. The girl is wearing a white T-shirt and a red shirt. She is also wearing green trousers and brown shoes.

    Class 1ºC, IES Tartessos

  2. I'm showing you how to post a comment. ;)
    Ana García, 1ºC. IES Tartessos.


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