Organising a fashion show (Learning clothes vocabulary)

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One of the funniest ways to learn vocabulary is to use it in combination with the present continuous form of the verb "to wear" as if the students  in the class were in a fashion show, parents can also do this at home.

In this way , we would have a presenter or two who would say what their mates are wearing, "s/he is wearing..." or only presenting the models and have the models say: "I am wearing..." Remember to use the colours before the clothes items and, for higher levels, the clothes patterns.

It is also fun to prepare this fashion show; they have to decide what clothes would they wear, what the order of the models is, how long do these models have to be on stage... in this way, they use the second language for a communicative purpose and also develop other competences such as learning to learn, social competence, mathematical competence...

You can also find many worksheets and activities on the internet, I leave you some examples I have found which I think suit my students, but there are many more:

Those of my students who send me a commentary describing the children in the picture, will get a reward, so leave your comments!!


School Holidays, a "For and Against Composition"

Many people think that students have too many vacations. It even seems that in Spain they are longer than in the rest of the world. But, should we have less holidays? Is it that the reason why our academic results are so bad in comparison to the rest of Europe?

On the one hand, we have 175 (secondary) to 180 (primary) school days, whereas in Finland, one of the countries that gets better academic results,or the United Kingdom, they only have ten more days. In France or the USA, the number is the same. However, there are countries where the number is much higher such as Germany (220) or Japan (240). 
On the other hand, I do think that, as a result of our climate and the underdeveloped infrastructures in our schools, we do not get a well-balanced calendar having too much time of recess in the summer because of high temperatures and very short periods of holidays during the course. Our  students are very tired  throughout the school year and tend to forget all they have learnt  in summer time.

Some people think that our educational system has to be changed, I agree with that. Nevertheless, I do not think it necessary to get more school days, I think it would be enough if we could just get a proportioned calendar.

What do you think? Leave your comments!!



Whitney was born in New Jersey in 1963 in a family which promoted her passion for music, especially gospel music. At the age of 20, she was discovered by Clive Davis at a New York club where she was singing and treated her to sign a contract with Arista ( a records company) and she started to make albums which were very popular and sold very well.

She had great hits during her lifetime such as  "Saving All My Love for You", "The Greatest Love of All", "I Wanna Dance with Somebody", "I'm Every Woman" or "I Have Nothing" and "Run to You"... The list is so long, as is the list of the prizes received troughout the world and the number of albums sold. According to the Guinnes Book of World  Records, she is "the most awarded female artist of all time". She also tried her best as an actress with the films The Bodyguard and Waiting to Exhale or The Preacher's Wife.

Even though her singing and professional career was spectacular, her personal life was more troublesome. She married the also singer Bobbi Brown, who has had several problems with law, and had her only child, Bobbi Kristina. She died only a few days ago and was buried today at the age of 48. Rest in peace Whitney.



If life lasted long enough, Charles Dickens would be 200 years old these days. I would like to pay a little homage to this great Victorian author in the second hundred anniversary of his birth.

He was born Charles John Huffan Dickens on the 17th February 1812 in Porstmouth, Hampshire and went to live in London at the age of 10. In the times of the industrial revolution and eldest son to a difficult father who went to prison, he was one of the children who worked hard under hard conditions in one of those new factories that started to develop in Britain at the time. He described these harsh conditions and I think he would be shocked to learn that they continue still two centuries after his death.

A multifaceted married man, throughout his life was actor, parliamentary and newspaper reporter apart from his works as a writer. He wrote in installments some of his most popular novels such as Oliver Twist, he wrote a lot of novels like Christmas Carols, David Copperfield, Hard Times, Little Dorrit, A Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations in which he depicts the Victorian times with strong realism.

You can also visit where he lived in London


The weather

As you know, weather in England is very variable, it changes all the time, and English people love talking about these changes...that is the reason why we are always studying the weather!!!



Vista previa

I have just finished reading this long, long book (almost 700 pages) and I would like to write a little about it so that you can comment it with me.

 In the first part of the novel, we are introduced to the new characters (for this is part of a saga) and the magnificent scenery, Washington D.CThe beginning of the book pulls us into a world of intrigue and curiosity, setting the scene for what is about to happen: a vibrating, action-packed set of actions that evolve one into the next without giving us the time to breath, that is, to put down the book. Then, several adventures take place at the same time regarding the different characters in totally different places and fields of the story: science, hackers, the CIA and so on.

At the end of the novel when all the pressure has been released, this  well-known and best-selling American writer tries to give unity and truthfulness to what has been explained through the book about the masons and the  lost symbol not very convincingly from my point of view.

I enjoyed the reading even though I was a bit disappointed at the end, but there are two things I would like to point out from this book: the first one is its high filmability, that is, the capacity of this novel to be made into a film; and the second one is a quote about knowledge that I share with the author and hope my students will also share. It is on page 420 on my edition (Corgi Books, 2010) and says: "Knowledge grows exponentially. The more we know, the greater our ability to learn and the faster we expand our knowledge base".

To learn more about the symbology of the novel or what surrounds the book, you can have a look at Dan Brown's official site