International Women's Day 2012

Public Local  Clothes Sink at Belalcázar, Córdoba (Spain)
photo taken by Ana García.
I wish...
I wish we did not have to celebrate this day, that is,
 I wish it wasn't necessary. 
Unfortunately, and I see it every day, 
there are many people who still think that women should do certain things and men other certain things; 
these ideas push society backwards, 
they make  it continue the same,
follow in the same mood.
I saw these sinks and thought how hard it was to be a woman not so long ago...
I wish society will move forward,
I wish we don't need to celebrate this day.

What are your wishes?
Leave them in a comment!!

If you want to know more about International Women's Day, why it is celebrated today and so on, have a look at the Wikipedia.


  1. I think there is a day for everything and that is just stupid, like St Valentine's day ... you should love someone EVERY DAY, not THE DAY, we should care about cancer EVERY DAY, not THE DAY, we should give special attention to our dad or mom EVERY DAY, not THE DAY but this... ladies and gentlemen... is MARKETING...

    1. I agree with you, Pilar, but you know I'M A WOMAN every day and work for it every day. Thanks for commenting on the blog!! ;)

  2. "there are many people who still think that women should do certain things and men other certain things": do you think that men and women are certainly the same?

    1. Women and men are not the same, where do I say that?? However, they should have the same opportunities and be treated equally and respectfully. My point in the text has more to do with the type of relationships our students establish among themselves.

      I love English, I can write this and I don't have to use "os/as"

  3. Have you read the recent RAE´s report on false spanish language sexist. You don´t have to use "os/as": it is a political matter, it is not to same gender and sex. Regards and have a nice weekend.

  4. How many women are there at the RAE? Nevertheless, send me a copy and I'll give it a look.
    I agree with you, gender and sex are not the same. I don't usually use "as/os", I try to speak so that I don't have to use them.
    Have a nice week-end too and thank you for commenting in my blog, Ángel.


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