Parliament of Canada
We have been for a day and a half in Ottawa, it is the capital city of Canada and we really liked it. It is much more similar to the USA, it is much more anglophone too, that is, they speak much more English than French as in the rest of the country except for the province of Quebec, which is where Montreal is. It was so hot there that when we arrived, we stayed at the hotel for a while and went out quite late for here's timetables but we still arrived to see the last guided tour to the Parliament Hill of Ottawa.

A young woman showed us around and explained how that place is the house of all the Canadians and how it is represented through shields, colours and other symbols. In this place, you are also reminded that Canada is part of the Commonwealth and how the Queen Elizabeth II is also the head of state which signs the laws ( if she is not at the country, the governor does for her).
The following day, we went to see the Canada Science and Technology  Museum, at which we had a great time and learnt about electricity and other things, especially how the Canadian people have struggled to make their lives easier in such a difficult climate; one of their greatest achievements has been the telephone which was created and patented by Alexander Graham Bell who thought this would be good for deaf people who he worked with.

Ottawa has a very nice ambience, we had lunch at a diner called Zack's, the food was great, we had a salad and a Canadian hamburger and then, a mini-brownie which was simply delicious, we really had a great time but we left soon because it was really hot, probably as hot as in Seville.

Have you been to Ottawa? Leave your comments!!

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