Going for the real Canada...

Supérieur Lake
Memphrémagog, by L. Belmonte

This week-end we have visited some nature, and we found out that this is how we thought Canada would be!!! On Saturday, we went to a lake called Memphrémagog, yes, that is its name, but it is quite easy to remember, you will see: Magog is the name of the city where the lake is, and Memphré is the name of the monster which supposedly dives in the lake; just like the famous Nessie, nobody has actual document of it, but it keeps people visitting!! It was a very hot day and people were bathing in the beach of the lake; there was also a festival, they are always on festival in the summer!!!

On Sunday, we went to visit the Laurentians, which is a group of up to 9012 lakes and many small villages which surround them,  we visited many of them: Val Morin, Val David, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts (which is the biggest) and Saint Faustin. They are nice tiny villages, and most of their houses are quite spread so you do not get the impression you are actually in a village, at least, not in the way villages are in Spain.

Among these villages, we saw the Supérieur lake, all around it, there were houses with private beaches and harbours, we found a very small portion of public beach which took more than one hour to find. We suffered a thunderstorm and we had to stop and decided to give a go to a Canadian McDonalds, it is not quite as in Spain, for instance: you do not get ketchup sachets but you have to fill a tiny gobelet (cup) from a huge ketchup bottle they have next to napkins and so on. Also, the children's French Fries are much smaller than in Spain.

Nice, small villages which expand themselves along narrow roads surrounded by so high and dense woods that you can not get through on foot!! Well, we had the feeling that this was the real Canada we were looking for!!

Do you like this Canada or the other, of the cities and so on, best??
Leave your comments and tell me please!!

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