Visitting around Montreal...again

Atwater market
It is so hot these days here in Montreal...one cannot imagine how they get to -30ºC or more in the winter, so we are taking it easier now. We leave the house not so early, we are over jet lag and we visit something in the morning and then get back, have lunch at home, rest for a while, take another shower and then, get back to the city again.

Some things that I liked around here: 
  • The Lachine Channel, which is very near  to where we are staying. It is a channel along a part of the city of Montreal, and it is also an urban park along the channel. It was originally built to calm down the  waters of the river Saint Laurent. . You can find people  doing sports at all times along the channel, people love doing sports, just look at how many medals they are getting at the Olympics!!! The tower you see at the back, is the Atwater Market, an Art Decó building which was almost closed up and the people convinced the mayor to rebuild it and now it is the  center of the neighbourhood's life!!
  • Another day, we went to visit the Olympic Park, Montreal organised the 1976 summer Olympic games and has added value to that park they built with a biodome, another stadium and very soon, a planetarium. We visited the Olympic stadium and the Olympic pools which are actually the place for Canadian swimmers to train!!!

Olympic swimming-pool
  • Montreal has a lot of cultural life, so they have built this magnificent Place des Arts, which is where lots of theatres and art galleries are, also their Museum of Contemporary Art is there. Part of these galleries and theatres are actually under the ground, in fact there are more than 30 km underground so that people can go shopping, to restaurantsor even to the gym!!! This is great when it is so cold in the winter!! They call it RESO.

I leave you with a photo from La Place des Arts...Kisses from Montreal!!!


  1. I am green with envy!! Being the country as it is now, I wouldn't come back! Enjoy it Ana!

    1. Don't be Fran! This is the result of some time, long time, saving for it!! Anyway, I'll be back in September for the next course ;) Thanks for commenting, Fran!


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