Battery Park

There is a nice walk at the end of Wall Street, it gets you to Battery Park, nowadays it is full of tourists who want to take the ferry to see the so called Statue of Liberty. Reformations are being done these days, and as we could not go inside, we decided to tke the Staten Island Ferry (free) which is much less touristic and see her from the distance.

The Statue of Liberty's real name is Lady Illuminating the World and was a present France gave the USA on their 1st anniversary as an independendent people (1876), though it arrived a little late (1886). You can see a smaller one in Paris.

We also saw Ellis Island which was where all the inmigrants had to go to get into the USA, we did this trip again at night and the views are fabulous, magnificent with all the lights. When we got off the boat, we visited the Seaport area which is now mainly commercial but still has the looks of a shipping area with short buildings and iron-looking blended awnings.

The last thing we visited and I recommend is Saint Paul, a small baptist church, the only pre-revolutionary that still stands. It is very closed to where the Twin Towers were standing, so they say that it miraculously saved itself. It was used as a help centre for workers and volunteers the nine months following the attacks and now it is somehow a hommage to it.
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