We are dealing with multiculturalism as well as immigration in class these days. As we all know, immigration has been a powerful force to help raise countries such as the United States of America or  Germany, here in Europe. Spain has also been a receiver of immigrants, in addition to being a source of  immigrants to many other countries in South America and , more recently, to Germany or other European countries as well.

As we have also seen in class, American immigrants arrived to this island called Ellis Island at which you can have a curious look here. I have chosen this part of the film Hitch because it is really hilarious; Will Smith (Hitch) and Eva Mendes (Sara Melas) are having a look at the original document in which the landers on Ellis Island had to register to get into the USA. If you haven't watched the film, I recommend it to you, I think you can have a great time.

I have used several connectors of additon and example, if you spot them, send me a comment please!!


  1. I haven't seen it. I'll try this weekend. Thank you for the nformation. ;))

  2. I think you will love it, it's got romance and it is really funny.

  3. I saw it in Spanish long time ago, so I can see it in English in order to practise my "listening". I´ll tell you. Thanks Ana. Patricia Armario.

  4. Very good Patricia, I hope you enjoy it.


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