The Ghost of the Green Lady

The Ghost of the Green Lady tells the  mysterious story of a teenager who goes to live and study at a boarding school and there is this legend about a Lady with a green glow that appears in the lake nearby. It is well written and keeps the attention up till the end.

This reader will help my students of 3rd of ESO develop their reading comprehension and improve their vocabulary. As a teacher, I really like Burlington Books readers because of the stories they choose -normally they are close to my students likes- and because of the materials they offer to the teachers. If you want to listen to the book as you read it, you can do it in this link to their page.

I hope my students like it and I hope you leave your comments if you have read it.


Reviewing the verbs "to be" and "have got"

My FPB students have learnt a lot from last year, more than they and me expected, especially in what refers to listening skills. But summer is very long, so they have forgotten quite most of the important forms of verbs and their use.

In order to review them, I have searched for videos I can use to revise these forms which are simple but are not on my own voice so that they get different voice listening practices. These exercises are quite simple but I want them to develop oral expressive skills.

Hope it does!!!



This is the speech Malala Yousafzai gave at the United Nations Youth Assembly in 2013. She was shot by the Taliban just because she wanted to study and is reknowned for being an education activist.

This is the topic used in one of the PAU English tests that we are going to start working in class, not only because my students will take a similar one at the end of the course, but also because they work on reading comprehension and writing compositions which are basic to develop a good level of English in a class of too many people.

We are going to start with a test based on Malala's speech. It is a very easy speech to understand, she speaks an almost perfect English with a lot of accent. In order to be able to understand the texts that appear in this type of tests, it is important to know the background of the text; that is, it is much easier to understand the text if we know about Malala and have heard her speech. 

There are many PAU tests on the Internet and many of them are solved, but remember, you won't have to take the one on the Internet so, they are good to practice the reading and writing skills, but not to memorise!!!

If you are one of my students of 2nd of Bachillerato, please leave a comment .