CERVANTES MEETS SHAKESPEARE by Ramón Ybarra Rubio (Ed. Burlington Books)

In this book, an American girl moves to the UK and starts learning about Cervantes and Shakespeare to find out that they will be her guides to adapting herself to her new life by appearances through which they will give her interesting and useful tips making use of their own experiences in life.

Throughout the book we will also learn about how it is sometimes difficult to adapt to new circumstances and also about how important writers made their living in the 16th century, besides learning about the historical background of the time and puritanism in England.

You can get the audio to listen to this book as you read it at the Burlington Books website.


  1. I read it long ago. I was bored and I had a couple of hours. The most strange thing is not that the ghosts of these two writters, even at the same time. The thing is... How's that Cervantes speaks english? He is spanish! It's the third worst occidental country to learn english! On that time, the second! Also, on Cervantes age, english and spanish were always fighting on sea, we had less resources...

    1. Hello myenemy, first of all, thanks for commenting on the blog. Secondly, I agree with you; this is not high quality literature!! It's just an easy novel for English students to read. I hope all my students had the level to read currently in English.
      p.s: Remember that nationalities are written with capital letters in English: Spanish, French...
      Maybe I can recommend other books to read in English?


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