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Hello my dear students!!! I am looking forward to tomorrow, to have you in class and start a new course together. This year I am very happy because I continue at the same High School and I am going to have some of my students from last year for sure! ;) If nothing happens I will be tutoring a 2nd year group, so I may have some of my students from last year and others as well as I will be teaching in, at least, three 2nd year groups. I will also have my dear 4th year students of last year in English as 3rd language in 1st Bachillerato!! I am excited because of all of this.

However I am also a bit sad because I will be teaching more time and will have less time to prepare classes and correct at home. I will also be teaching French (which I love and have also studied hard) but I will need more time to prepare these classes too. I say this, because I will probably have less time to write to you here in the blog, but remember: I love your comments and will try to solve your questions, comments or demands as soon as I can.

Ready for tomorrow?? I hope you are. Here is a sentence that may inspire you at the beginning of the course:
I invite you to enter!!!


  1. It´s very funny that you are so happy with the new course. I´m not, but I´m trying to open the doors (¿of perception?) too. Regards.

    1. I love being in the same high school as last year!! Kind regards. ;))

  2. Hello Ana,

    I can see you had a nice summer, a not boring at all. We have been in Berlin, thanks for all your recommendations, welcome again.


    1. Glad you had a great time!! Hope to see you soon! Regards ;)


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