Learning vocabulary: the family.

I like to teach and review family vocabulary with my students through a genealogical tree, as the one you can see in the image. When they understand the diagram (it may be difficult for those on 1st ESO), it is easier for them to remember the names of family members. We see this diagran and then I ask them to draw their families and we see what their families are like, this usually makes them feel well and it is a good activity to do in the first days.

We also see other famous family trees, like that of The Simpsons and we make sentences of the type: "Bart is Lisa's brother", so we  revise the Saxon genitive too.

We also play other games like this one I found at English Flash Games to Learn Vocabulary, with three different levels. My students like it very much. We do this in class with the help of WIBs.

Have you tried doing these things? Do you learn vocabulary better this way?
Leave your comments and tell us!!

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