9/11 Memorial

We were not really sure about going, because we had already visited Saint Paul's chapel and you get the idea of all the suffering that New Yorkers went through those months after the attacks, it was hard to visit the actual place where the attacks took place.

You have to get a visitor's pass (you can do it at their website and print it or print it at the Preview Site) because they make you fill in a form; there are still a lot of security measures but they have tried to build a haven of peace in the middle of Manhattan.

As you probably know, they have built two deep pools surrounded by wide bronze banister in which the names of the people who died in both the attacks of 1993 and 2001. They have followed indications from surviving relatives to arrange them next to the names of their husbands, wives, friends... but most of them are arranged taking into account where they were when the events happened.

What I liked most of the visit is the fact that they are willing to overcome this disgrace, so they have built a place in which they can remember what happened; but they also look to the future and  are building a new World Trade Centre. When they were cleaning up the zone, they found an almost dead pear tree, known as the Survivor Tree, that was the only tree that survived, they have taken care of it and have recently replanted in the middle of the new square. I think this story can be used as a metaphor to explain what has happened in this place.

I was sad!!!

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  1. You are so sad like you were at Benacazón´s E.T.C.P., je, je, je (sorry).

    1. Much more Ángel!! What happened there had more to do with wrath than sadness!

  2. sad... sad...
    the story of the tree is interesting...

    1. Thank you for commenting in my blog, Musadhique, I hope you keep enjoying it in the future.


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