Times Square, where there is always light!

Times Square
 New York is not all lights as it may seem if you look at Times Square, but once, the Theatre District, where Times Square is, had its lights inside its theatres: great or not so great buildings which housed performances with great artists such as Judy Garland. Nowadays it is illegal not to have lights in the outside of the theatres and walls in Times Square if you want to make an ad there, but there are still great artists performing there. If you want to go to the theatre, you should come to this part of town, especially if it is a musical.

Some photos of the legendary theatres around:

Hudson theatre
Foxwood theatre
Lyceum, the oldest one.

    and many more.....
Belasco theatre

Near here, we wanted to visit the hotel Le Parker Meridien, because we had been told that there were great hamburgers there, and it is true!! In a luxury hotel, behind a red curtain there is what they call The Joint Burger, a fantastic place, though quite small that has great hamburgers, short of variety. There is so many people, that in order to go faster, they give you a paper with what they have (barely two types of hamburgers and the drinks) so that you tick what you want and hand it to the cashier and wait till you are called by your name. I show the photo of the entrance of the hotel, we kind of got lost :)
entrance to Le Parker Meridien

To end up the day, since it was Friday afternoon, we visited the MOMA, great museum with activities for kids, you should visit their workshop. I'm leaving you a photo of a part of a picture, do you know what technique is it? My 2nd of ESO students of last year should, leave your comments!!!

Who painted it???


  1. I´m pleasantly surprised by the addition of the actress Judy Garland. I love her. Althoug I don´t know who is the painter. Regards.

    1. Have a deeper look at the technique Angel, or ask 2nd year students, they will probably know.

  2. Andy Warhol? This seems like TVE´s "Saber y ganar".

    1. http://www.mountainsoftravelphotos.com/USA%20-%20New%20York%20City/MOMA%20Top%2020/slides/MOMA%2007%20Roy%20Lichtenstein%20Girl%20with%20Ball.html

  3. I love a good burger!



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