International Day of Theatre

John Malkovich
Today is the 50th anniversary of the celebration of the International Day of Theatre. Theatre is one of the oldest forms of literature and one that gets easily to the audience and may help to get people nearer to literature. This day started to be celebrated 50 years ago as a way to acknowledge theatre's importance and promoted by the International Theatre Institute (belonging to the UNESCO).
Every year an important theatre person gives a speech about theatre;  this year, it has been said by the well-known actor John Malkovich. You can have a look at his speech.

In Spain, there have also been celebrations, and also, all around the world!!!

Do you like theatre? What is the last play that you have seen?
Tell me about it and leave your comments!!!


  1. The last play that I have seen is "Lazarillo de Tormes" for childhood; an adult play was "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof". Today I shall go to celebrate the international day theater with a play with my students: "Red apples". Regards.

    1. How lucky you are!!! It's been ages since I don't go to the theatre. Kind regards.


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