Modal verbs for 2nd of ESO

We are learning some modals and I like this way of presenting them with a new tool I found on the internet called glogster to make nice digital posters which I am learning to use:

The first column gives the meanings; the second, the affirmative form of the modal used; and the third, the negative form. As you can see, there are some blank squares, that is because they cannot be used in the affirmative or negative form.

You can do some exercises on the modal CAN and MUST  at The Yellow Pencil website among others.

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  1. Hello Ana,
    sorry but I don´t understand the difference between Prohibition and Lack of Obligation. What´s it?.
    Patricia A.

    1. Prohibition is when you are not allowed to do something, it's forbidden; lack of obligation means that you are permitted to do something but it is not necessary that you do it.

      For example:
      You mustn't leave your room.(You are not allowed; if you do, there will be consequences)

      You don't have to study for tomorrow.(You are allowed, but it is not compulsory that you do it)


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