See you later... alligator.

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 I need a break, I need to rest for a while. It has been a long, tiring, intensive course with many things happening in my life, both personal and professional. The summer holidays are now beginning and I won't be writing so often (once every three days). I'm going to spend more time with my family, resting and reading (for pleasure and also with a professional purpose) . 
Since this is an educational blog, if I have something interesting to produce at a professional level, I will write it down; if not, I won't write in three weeks' time or so until I start my cultural trip to Montreal and New York, of which I hope I can write you about. I think education is what teachers do to show you what you cannot see; well, in this case I will try to make you see it.
I wanted to thank all my students who have actually visited this blog, made use of it, left comments, used its links... This is for you. Also to those people who have visited it accidentally and stayed for a while and never came back. I would like to thank my friends who are using this blog to review their English. To you all, thank you. 
See you later alligator!!!


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    1. You too Angel, and thanks again for being there, I really appreciate it!

  2. You are worth it. Hugs & Kisses. Love U

    1. Thank you very much for your support Gema, you know I wouldn't be at this point without your help. Hugs & Kisses too, xxxooo

  3. We all deserve a big, big rest! (Con la que está cayendo....!) Have an enjoyable trip and CU in September! Hugs

    1. Yes, we do; and probably next course will be harder, so let's enjoy the summer. Regards, Enric, ;)


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