How to organize your work to pass in September

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Well, we have finished evaluating just this morning and you will see the results of your work of the year tomorrow. Some of you have passed and will rest a little; some have failed some school subjects and will have to work further during the summer. 
For those of you who are in the first or second course of ESO, have failed English and have a 3 or 4 in June you have many chances to pass in September if you work hard during the summer, I wanted to give you some recommendations that I hope you will follow:

  • Ask someone who has passed English (with a 7 at least) for their notebooks and complete yours.
  • The exam is mainly based on Grammar and Vocabulary, so I recommend you to take out these parts to study them in depth.
  • Review your grammar and redo the exercises we have done in class from the book, workbook or even the exams you have copied in class.
  • After studying the vocabulary, try to make associations or meaning related groups and write sentences with the new vocabulary; try not to learn them English-Spanish or viceversa!!
  • Read the texts we have worked in class from the book or workbook and review the wh-words or question words so that you know exactly what we are asking you. Besides, you can read my blog, this will also increase your reading competence.
  • You know this blog is an open channel with my students or other learners of English, therefore, feel free to ask in your comments whatever you want, I will try to answer as soon as possible, but remember that I am on holidays!!
For those of you who are in 1st of Bachillerato, you know already what you have to do; this blog is also open to you if you want to leave any comments, questions or doubts.

Good summer to you all!!

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