If I were president, I would...

This week we have had our local elections in the class of 4th of ESO. First, all my students wrote a composition with the title "If I were president, I would..." Then, I corrected them; all of my students had very good ideas to overcome the crisis we are in, a bit populist and inmature but very well organised. We set a date for the election and they prepared themselves to give a speech and persuade the rest of their mates to vote for them.
Picture of Manuel's poster.
Many rhetorical devices were used, such as repetition and parallelisms, just like in real political speeches!!! They enjoyed very much their mates oral expositions and I really liked this activity because it fosters speaking in public and, as they were really into getting the votes, they became less anxious about their English and more aware of what communication is all about.
Montse's presentation.
All of them had great ideas and exposed them in a fantastic way, that is why I wanted to thank them, not only for this activity, but for the amazing course that we have had together. I hope next year we are together again. So thank you: Marina, Antonio, María José, Miguel, Ana, Anabel, Francisco Javier, Ángela, Alba, Beatriz, Montse, Javier and Manuel.
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  1. Hi Ana,
    I wasn't so brave to leave them prepare any presentation. Thanks for your idea! The students had fun and of course, they voted for the candidate who offered more free time.

    1. They really spoke about some interesting things. There are classes who admit more than others this kind of activities.

      I wanted to tell you Fran, we are in a Facebook group called Education Bloggers, I thought maybe you would like to join us?? Regards ;)


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