What to do during the summer holidays?


Summer holidays are about to start!!! those that have studied and passed will have many hours to enjoy doing what they like best doing during their free time. Those that have failed any school subjects will have to study but there are still a lot of hours left to do what you prefer. If you are lucky enough, you will go on holidays to the to the beach or the mountain, but if you are not, if you have to stay here with the high temperatures we have... there are some options of things to do at home:

If you have to review English, the best way is to make new foreign friends and practise with them, but if you are too shy or not that lucky you can practise a lot through this blog, especifically from Resources for my students.

Do you have any other ideas? What do you like doing in your free time? 
Leave your comments and tell us.


  1. Te ha quedado muy bien el cambio Ana. Besos darling!!

  2. I like summer (:

    PD: teacher tomorrow I have to carry the books and the notebook?

    Mª José Muñoz.

    1. I love summer, Mª José; you don't have to bring your books, we'll see the exams and we can talk about your plans for the future!!Thanks for commenting MªJosé.


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