Future tenses for Bachillerato

What will the future bring?
As I see it, the present and the past belong to the level of reality, whereas the future is a much more diverse and loose time as it has never happened, that is, it does not belong to reality. This is the reason why I think Spanish speakers find it so hard to speak properly about the future in English, because it depends on what the speaker thinks and not a given time, with its corresponding time expression.

I'm going to try and simplify the different uses we see in 1st of Bachillerato with the corresponding tenses or modals used: 


Present simple
          Long-term predictions

           Spontaneous decisions

Will+infinitive (V)
Closed plans
Present continuous
To be+gerund (Ving)
           Short-term predictions

Be going to
Be going to+infinitive (V)
Action happening at a given time in the future
Future continuous
Will be+gerund (Ving)
Action finished at a given time in future
Future perfect
Will have+past participle (Ved)
If you want more practice on these uses, you can visit the following pages:

I hope this is helpful for you! 
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  1. It's very good!! I'm going to print it. Thank's you very much!!
    Marina Casillas 1º bachillerato C

    1. Thank you Marina!! This is the new unit we are starting next week. I'm glad that it helped, I hope it also helps your mates!

  2. Teacher like this is better explain than the book. Thank you!
    Mª José Muñoz. 1ºBachillerato C


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