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As you know, I have just recently created my Twitter account (@AnaGarciaTeacha) which I use mainly for professional purposes. As you also know, you can only write up to 140 characters on Twitter tweets (if you want to know more about Twitter, have a look at this post in this blog). This has developed a new language made of unpronounceable acronyms and shortenings of words that users of this network use and know as their ABCs (basic things).
This language is also used in other new communication media such as text messages or messages via Whatsapp (pun on what's up and app - short for application) because they are faster to write than complete messages. I have taken the ones you see from the Macmillan Dictionary blog which has a section on buzzwords and also from Harley Hahn's website.

Is there such a list in the Spanish language?
Do you know what the tweet means? 
Write it in a comment!!!

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  1. No brave people around? Please, give it a try! I'll write the answer in a comment on the "monthaverssary" of the post.


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