Jane Austen's biography.

We are starting to write short biographies in our 2nd of ESO classes and the two examples we have in our course book are male. That is the reason why I am giving you the model and the information to write about this woman called JANE AUSTEN.

v  Jane Austen was a _____________________________.   She wrote _____________.

v  She was born in  _______________________________.
Ø  When she was a child, ______________________________.
Ø  When she was older, _______________________.

v  In ______________________, she _______________________________.
Ø  The next year, she ______________________________. She died in ____________.

Information to fill the biography:
  • Date and place of birth: 1775, Hampshire, England.
  • Early life: quite life, educated at home (did not go to school) after typhus illness, liked writing poems and short novels.
  • Later life: Never got married, attended family meetings and read aloud her novels.
  • Date of illness and death: Beginning of 1816 started to feel ill, July 1817 died.
There is a huge number of Jane Austen's fans and many of them have created websites and blogs about her and her works, you can find more information about here in those pages.
Now, it's your turn: Write Jane Austen's biography in a short comment in the blog!


  1. v Jane Austen was a English novelist. She wrote romantic fiction.

    v She was born in 16 December 1775 in England .
    Ø When she was a child, wrote letters to his sister.
    Ø When she was older,wrote a work so callled Emma.

    v In 1806, she moved at Southhampton.
    Ø The next year, she moved at Chawton. She died in 18 July 1817 with 41 years.

  2. Jane Austen was a british writer. She wrote many poems and novels. She was born in Hampshire, England. Her early education, took place at home because she suffered from many different illnesses during her childhood.
    She never got married. She spent her later years reading her poems and novels at family meetings.
    She became ill in 1816 and died the following year.
    Here it is for what it´s worth! Ana XO

  3. Jane Austen was a writer. She wrote novels.

    She was born in 1775, Hampshire (England). When she was a child, she didn't go to school, but she liked wrote short novels and poems.

    When she was adult, never got married, attended family meetings and read aloud her novels.

    The next year, she beginning of 1816 started to feel ill. She died in july 1817.

    David Fernández Suárez 2ºB

  4. Very good the three of you!! Excellent work!


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