30th January: School day of Non-violence and Peace

In two days' time, we will be celebrating the School Day of Non-violence and Peace which has been celebrated in schools in Spain for a long time. It was founded by Lorenzo Vidal Vidal, a teacher and poet, who started this project in 1964, in Majorca. He proposed this date because it is the day on which a great pacifist died, Mahatma Gandhi. Nowadays, many other countries celebrate this day too.

I think it is important to teach our students that each of them can and should make a difference; we should make them understand that trespassing certain limits is a micro-violence; for instance, not respecting others' spaces and decisions can hurt other people and mates a  lot.

What do you think of bullying? Is there bullying at your school?
Do you think it is important to celebrate this day at your school?
What are you doing to celebrate?

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  1. 30th january: Martina´s birthday, isn´t? There is bullying in my school against me: two female teachers, one of them called Silvia, ask her. Regards.


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