Love English Awards at MacMillan Dictionary blog

It is only three days for the closing of the votes of the Love English Awards at MacMillan Dictionary blog and I would like to thank all the people who have already voted for my blog. 
I would also like  you, my readers, those who come often but don't leave any comments, those whose this is the first time, those that visit here every now and then, or any other, that I would be honoured if you decided to click on the link and vote for me as well
You would be recognizing hard work by a teacher who works at a public high school and that loves her work which is teaching English. If you think that this blog really helps people to learn English and love English in the same way that I do, please vote for it, I would really appreciate it!!!


  1. vamoooooooooo que ya falta poquitooo by ente de 2ºB ¡todoste apoyamos!!!!!!

  2. Yaa le he votado profesora, que yo le animo until the end! :D

  3. Thank you all!! Let's see what happens in the end! I will tell you tomorrow!!


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