What did the Three Wise Men bring you?

In Spain, the tradition is that during the night of the 5th to the 6th of January, the Three Wise Men bring presents to those who have behaved well. In my house, we often leave our shoes so that they know whose presents they have to leave at our place.
Getting back to work is hard for adults, but even more for children and students who have had some days off after a great last effort, so we should try to have some interesting and entertaining ideas for the first class.
They love talking about what they have received and about what they have done in the past days, so we should take advantage of that:

  • Give them some vocabulary to talk about the presents they have received and some minutes to organize themselves and ask structures or vocabulary; then ask them to make a conversation of two friends that meet on the 6th and tell each other what they got.
  • Ask older students to choose the best day of the holidays and talk about it in the past.
  • For younger stuedents it is easier to use prompts of the things they have received and help them to make a short description: I got a big/small (present) to play at home/in the street, to play alone/with friends...
If you are a student, say what activities would you like doing on the first day?
If you are a teacher, say what activities do you like doing on the first day?

Remember to vote for me if you have not already done it, that would be my best present this year!! ;)

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