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Many of you find it difficult to become a follower of any blog, but it has some advantages, especially if you found a blog you like and you don't  want to miss it. I am going to try to explain it to you in the easiest way I can.
As you can see in the  picture from a good friend's blog (about skin care and products) and great health professional, it says "Participar en este sitio", or, in mine, (top right) in English "Join this site", you click there and a new window opens as you can see in this second picture:
In the new window you have some different options, first we are going to follow those that  have a Google (Gmail) account; if you do not have one, you can create it, it only takes two minutes or you can do it with any other account. With a google account, you log in with your username and password and you find the following window which asks you if you want to follow the blog privately or publicly, the only difference is that you appear on the display of the blog (public) or not (private). Then, you click on "Follow this blog" or "Seguir este blog"

To do it with any other account, you have to"Create a new Google account " or "Crear una cuenta de Google nueva" (this is not a Gmail account) by clicking on the button below the square and a new window opens in which you have to write your email account (hotmail or any other), your password, your date of birth and a strange word to prove you are not a robot (word verification), you have also to agree on the terms of Service and Private Policy and, finally, click on Create my account (it is a Google Friend Connect account) as in the window of the photo:
Also in this case, you would have to choose to follow publicly or privately, as in the other photo, and continue by clicking "Follow this blog"
Once you have done that, it congratulates you and tells you you already follow that blog, then you have to click on "done" or "hecho", as in the following picture:

If you have done everything correctly, your profile photo or avatar should appear along with those of the rest of followers, now you form a community with them and can get in touch with all of them within this  community:

Don't you think it is easy? Try and make yourself a follower of this blog!

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