I know it has been a very very very long time and I want to say thank you to the over four thousand people who still come back to this place even though there is nothing new in it. It has been a time of really hard work, but I am glad that it is work that is well done and starts to be seen.

This week we are going to celebrate Halloween and this year my courses need lower levels, so I am going to use this great page by English Exercises to learn new vocabulary and practice. Before that we will warm up with a great picture exercise at ESOL Courses and this great quiz from the BBC.

I hope it helps! Leave your comments and tell me!


  1. Wellcome Ana! Te echabamos de menos.

    1. Thank you, Gema!! Yo también echaba de menos escribir en el blog. Pero sabes que ha sido un año de mucho trabajo. xxxooo


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