The trip of my life!!!

Canadian plug ph. by Ana García 
A great Miguel de Unamuno once said that "Fascism is cured through reading and Racism by travelling", I agree with him; that is the reason why I am writing about my personal trip to my students, so that they can learn to have an open mind, besides many of them want to know about it and this is the best way to keep them updated, as well as my friends.

Just two days ago, I started the trip of my life; last October, we bought the  tickets to go to Montreal and New York, we had first agreed with two families to exchange our homes (you can do that easily at IntercambioCasas.com), so the accomodation would be no problem. So, here we are, at a bilingual country which reminds me both of France and USA. 

It has been a long journey by plane (two of them because we changed plane at Munich) and we still have jet lag, we wake up before 6 o'clock in the morning, which is 12 in Spain. Yesterday we took it easy, we went to two supermarkets and it was really expensive!!!, especially the first one which delivered our food in less than an hour for less than Can.$5 (3,75€). Today we are going downtown (the town centre), so I'll tell you about it the next time. We are going to use public transport, we  bought a 3 day ticket for both bus and train for Can$16.

Did you know that different countries have different plugs and sockets?? 
Next course we can have a look at it in class and maybe make a poster, would you like that?
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  1. Enjoy your summer holidays!!!! ;))

    1. Thank you!!! For the moment I am at home with my foot standing up because yesterday I fell to the ground!!! a doctor has come to see me and told me he thinks I only strained it, that nothing is broken!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you!! Nice to see you around here! Hope you are enjoying too!!!


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