Mens sana in corpore sano

I decided a few months ago that I had to take more care of my own body because it will be "my home" for all of my life. As I get older; I realize how important it is to be healthy and to have a toned body that is able to do whatever I want it to do.
I have taken up running and I want to participate in a race in the near future. That is the reason why I downloaded this app, it is called Couch to 5K (1.51€) and that is literally what it tries to do: take a person from the sofa to running 5 kilometers in nine weeks of controlled training. At the beginning of the training you walk more than run and this is the opposite at the end of the nine weeks.
It is completely in English (very simple and clear vocabulary) and you can also listen to music from playlists that you can create or import. So, I strongly recommend it to my students, they can listen to English songs and improve their listening skills while running, a healthy mind in a healthy body.
What do you think of making exercise?
Do you think using apps for training sports is a good idea?


  1. I don't like running with music but I think that is a good idea to improve your english anywhere you're. all this things are really usefull to learn and to not forget the language¡ Thanks for the information

    1. Thank you for your kind comment María. Regards.


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