Article published in Blog de TIC en Lenguas Extranjeras

Blog de TIC en lenguas extranjeras
This has been a very exciting week for me, I got an article about my blog published in  Blog de TIC en Lenguas Extranjeras  which depends on the institution INTEF (Instituto Nacional de Tecnologías Educativas y  de Formación del Profesorado from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. If you want to read the article completely you can do so at this link, it is in Spanish, so many of my students will like it.

The day after, I found out that my article had been reposted on English Elda, a blog of the CEFIRE (Centro de Formación, Innovación y Recursos Educativos de Elda), in which they recommended this blog and said it is "amazing"
English Elda
I want to thank all of you who read me and follow me, especially the people who are closer to me who are not learning English and read just because I write it, I want to thank you for giving me the strength and support I need to continue with this work. I also want to thank my students who use this blog and get better so I can pass more people!!! ;)
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