Learning vocabulary: Jobs

British Council
One of the best ways to learn vocabulary is by using it in context. We have been talking about professions and the work clothes and the equipment required to perform the different tasks.
I find that this game by British Council , a non-profit organization to develop British culture and language around the world, is a great opportunity to put in practice all this new vocabulary. 
The game consists in "dressing" the character with the clothes according to the information given in the red square, we also have to guess the character's job. This part maybe a little easy for our 2nd year of ESO students, but they love it!! The second part, which is not so easy and we could add as follow-up in class or at home is that they write a little description similar to the ones in the games and their mates have to guess the job. 

You have many different ways to practice jobs online:
It is a great opportunity to put the vocabulary in context and develop writing, reading and listening skills. What do you think of this idea? Do you like it?
Do you have any ideas for follow-up activities?

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