Fighting against gender violence.

Today is an important day, not only for woman, but also for men. For me, it is a day to be aware of what kind of relationships  we have with our partners and to weigh if it is a healthy one or not.

 The other day with my students when we were talking about gender violence, I told them that the first time he hits you, it is too late. Today, I am leaving you the link to a comic by Rosalind B. Penfold, a woman who went through the horror of an abuse relationship. Her way out was drawing this comic that she later made into a book. You have an excerp of it here, but you have the link to the complete comic where she talks about the signs that make you see that you can be in danger:
  • He wants to go too fast.
  • He makes you think being with him is more important than anything else.
  • He makes plans for you without your agreement.
  • He talks badly about your friends and family.
  • He makes you feel less than others in public.
  • He doesn't want you seeing anybody.
  • He mistreats you and then quickly goes back to treating you too well.
  • He abouses you and then makes as if it had never happened.
  • He says your behaviour is your fault.
  • He is too jealous.
  • He wants to know everything you  do and where.
Please, have a look at the comic and take it into account!!!
If you want to learn more about the author, you can read an interview with her at El Mundo.
What are you going to do to balance gender roles today? Tell us!!!


  1. I don´t want to you think that I´m a heavy, but this expression "gender violence" is not correct: gender is a grammatical concept. I prefer "male violence". Regards from a quiet man.

  2. You are not tedious at all Angelus, however I must say that words do acquire new meanings with time (although they are not recognised by DRAE that fast). Regarding Women Studies, Gender is understood as how women act in society merely because they are women and gender violence is undertaken by men only to hurt the women they are supposedly in love. It is very complex and there are many confronting opinions about this. Regards from a not so quiet woman and thanks for your comments ;)


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