Practising English with Apps 1: Wordshake.

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In a few days (just 5!!!), we will have much more free time. That is the reason why I am presenting  you this new serie of posts: Practising English with Apps.  In this serie, I am going to show you apps that I have come across and that I think are very good to practise English in a fun and entertaining way and/or apps that treat a specific issue, such as vocabulary, grammar...

I am starting today  with Wordshake, this is a free app that you can find at Google Play and it consists of building words of more than three letters with 6 or 9 random letters in a given time (1 or 3 minutes) depending on the level you choose. You get more points the longer the words are. This is a fun way to learn new vocabulary because when you finish, the app makes a list of the words you built but also of all the possibilities that you had, so you see many new words or revise many that you already know but did not have the time to see.

It is quite fun and takes so few time that you can play with it almost everywhere!!
Do download it!! Then, tell me, how many points did you get?

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  1. Hello!I'm Marina. I try to dowland the program but I can't do. Can you help me?Thanks.
    Marina Casillas

    1. Hello Marina!! I don't know what your problem is, I didn't have any problems, but I'm thinking... Do you have enough space in your phone? Could that be the problem? What does the phene say the problem is when you try? Tell me;)

  2. Muy interesante la app. Gracias por compartirla. Un beso.

    1. De nada, sigue atenta porque vendrán más y mejores ;)Besos


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