Earth Day 2013

Yesterday, I watched this film on TV. It is called "Ultimátum a la Tierra" in Spanish. It is a science-fiction film in which an alien comes to the Earth to tell us that we should take better care of it because we are about to destroy it.
It is an American film, of course, but  I think we should rethink about what we are doing to our planet and I think young people have the key to make things better. So, as I am in a challenging mood, I throw you another one (this one is easier), all you have to do is finish the following sentence with possible solutions:

If I could heal the world, I would...
With all the answers here in the blog and in Twitter, I will try to make a digital poster in Glogster or any other, I admit suggestions ;-)

Earth Day 2012


  1. Teach peace (for everything - people, animals, land)

    1. Thank you for your answer Jessie, let's see if we get many more and we get a nice poster. ;-P


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