Reference words: Personal pronouns and adjectives.

When reading a text or writing it, we must be aware of how important it is to understand and establish quality relationships between its words, that is, we have to make a good work with reference words. In this post, I will only deal with subject and object personal pronouns, the possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns.
There are some aspects that we should always remember:
  • Pronouns substitute nouns, adjectives do not!
  • Depending on "the job"of the noun, it should be replaced by a subject (before the verb) or object pronoun (after verbs or prepositions).
  • Possessive adjectives say who owns the noun, whose it is.
  • Possessive pronouns say who owns what has already been mentioned and are not accompanied by a noun.
If you want to see a very clear chart of these reference words go to Teaching English by Fran.
When you are ready to practice on this, visit the following:
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