Back to school with Friends!

I was thinking wether to write about the famous British rowing competition in which Oxford and Cambridge crews fight to win (this year Oxford won) or about tomorrow's celebration of April Fool's Day in the UK (always on 1st April).
However, as I wish my readers, mostly students, to get strenght to finish the course, I decided to include this video of my favourite TV comedy show, which, as you probably know, is Friends. There are 10 series with many episodes and it would be a hard task for me to choose one or other scene, so, I choose this compilation of bloopers.
A blooper, gag reel or outtake is a part of the recorded material which is not finally included and not normally shown on TV because it includes mistakes of the acting team or any other incident which makes it not appropriate to be broadcasted. Even though it is completely in English, most of them are easy to be laughed at and understandable.
Are you a Friends' fan like me? Did you like the video? 
Would you like to watch it in class?


  1. Hola soy Sergio querría saber la aplicación para hacer del blog una aplicación.

    1. Hola Sergio! Mira, métete en mi "timeline" de Twitter, es una de las dos entradas del 4 de abril. Pero, ten cuidado, yo todavía no lo he hecho porque no sé si hay algo de pago. Mañana si quieres lo hablamos en clase. See you tomorrow!!


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