Modern Classics: Elvis Presley

Elvis Aaron Presley (Mississipi, 1935) was, and still is, one of the most famous singers in the USA and in the whole world. He revolutionised the music in all the world in the 1950s and onwards, until his death in 1977 with a short stop of 18 months to serve military duty. You can see an interesting timeline of Elvis life here.

He recorded more than 150 albums and singles, many of them number 1 hits; and starred in 33 films which were widely heard, bought and watched because apart from his great voice and ways of moving his body, he was very good-looking and attractive and had many fans that followed him everywhere.

He was a very special person, his musical influences (gospel, among others) taught him to love and respect African-American people and, with his example, he promoted equality of rights for  them too.  He was also a bit eccentric and he bought a great mansion, called Graceland, where he lived and died, probably of drug abuse.

If you want to know more about the  so-called King, you can download an activity book.
Did you know Elvis Presley? Do you like his music? 


  1. I love a lot of Presley´s songs: "Suspicious mind", "In the guetto"... I like more Presley melodic than Presley rocker. Paul Simon has a beautiful song and album about his house: "Graceland". Regard pelvic.

    1. At last!! Something we both like!! Best regards Ángel


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