Holidays, at last!!!

On my way to work
This is a photo taken in a hurry from my car this morning, I had seen the rainbow as soon as I left Seville heading to the village where I work every day. As you can see, the sky was very dark, grey and brownish blue; it almost hided a beautiful rainbow. It made me smile.

Even though I was really happy to go to work because it is the last day before our little break for the Holy Week -and I reeeeeally need to rest a little, I do need this break. I am also a little sad because it seems that it is going to rain during this week. You may think it is not that awful, just a little rain, but the truth is that if it rains many of the events happening during this week in my city, Seville, cannot happen: during the Holy Week (starting on Palm Sunday, 24th March this year and finishing the next Sunday, 31st March), the life of Jesus Christ is represented  on top of beautifully carved wooden structures (pasos) held by men who carry hundreds of kilos on top of the backs of their necks. Besides, magnificently dressed Virgin Marys accompany their child on top of another structures usually surrounded by candles and flowers that fill our streets with wonderful scents. These "pasos" are accompanied by hundreds, if not thousands, of people; some of them belong to the brotherhood that takes care of the images, many other accompany them, sometimes in religious or artistic fervour, others just to enjoy the ambience and get hooked on the beauty of the images mixed with the smells and the magnificent music of the walking orchestras. 

I hope it did not rain... 

I want to seize this opportunity and invite all the people who read this blog from all parts of the world, to come and visit Seville, this is the best time of the year to do so. To my students, get a little rest too, you are going to need it to finish the course!!! Have a nice holiday!!


  1. It seems that always rains during the Holy Week. Nevertheless, I hope that nobody rains on your parade.

  2. Hi Ana,
    Love the work you're doing here. I spotted you first on Twitter and Facebook Education Bloggers. I'd like to offer you a complimentary copy of my eBook which I think you might find interesting. No obligation attached, if you choose to review that's up to you.
    It tells the story of my first year in Spain (I'm an English primary school teacher) teaching Spanish 6- and 7-year-olds in an 'immersion' school. It was quite an experience as the children's level of English was very low and their enthusiasm sky-high. At the time, my knowledge of Spanish was very poor. (I was told I wouldn't need any Spanish, I wouldn't be 'teaching English', I'd be teaching 'in English'... You might be able to guess how useful that information was.)
    The really interesting part of the whole experience was how my struggles to learn Spanish (in a very 'Spanish' part of Spain), gave me such unique insights into the experiences the small Spaniards in my class might be having. I revolutionised my methods as the year went on and certainly ended up a different teacher at the end of it.
    If you'd like to check out the blurb, it's here (link to Amazon) http://goo.gl/JGTsZ and if you want to take up my offer of a no-oblication copy, just confirm the e-mail address you'd like it sent to. I'll send you a EURO Amazon gift certificate.
    Best wishes again, and keep up the blog, I love it.
    Jeremy Dean (near Valencia) email: jeremyinspain@yahoo.es


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