Practising English with Apps 3: ML Phrasal Verbs

ML Phrasal Verbs
This is the third of the series of Apps I am presenting you, you can have a look at the other two here. I think this is a great app to have in your mobile device and use it every now and then. As you know, I hate lists as a way of learning vocabulary, but I do think repetition is a good way to learn new words if there is some kind of reelaboration and this app is great for that.

In the main menu, we have two different parts:
  • Reference.
  • Phrasal Verbs Games.
In the Reference part, there is a list of up to 1,063 phrasal verbs with their meaning in English, an example and the translation to Spanish. There is a star next to each phrasal verb so that you can make your own list of phrasal verbs (just in case you need to revise some for an exam, for example), it is difficult to click on the star, though.

In the Phrasal Verbs Games part, we find three different types of games:
  1. Verb by Meaning: you have the phrasal verb and an example and you have to choose a synonym phrase or word in English.
  2. Meaning by Verb: you have the synonym phrase or word and you have to choose the phrasal verb (no examples in this one).
  3. Anagram: This is my favourite!! There are disordered letters on screen that you have to put in the correct order to form 2 or 3-word phrasal verbs. If you press the word CUE, you get a synonym word or phrase. I like this one because I think it gets our brains to think which word can it be with the letters you see and I think that mechanism in the brain makes it easier to remember the phrasal verbs.
This is a very goog way of learning phrasal verbs and it is totally free, (you get ads, but they do not interfere with the game), so I strongly reccommend it. You can download it through the link under the picture and have fun!!!

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  1. Recognize the verb in a few sentence is necessary to understand what that statement stands for.

    Phrasal Verbs Exercise


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