Describing photos: New image of the blog

Photo and composition by Ana García
I wanted to change the looks of the blog and I decided to use this photo I took last summer at the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) Art Lab in New York. In this museum, there is a place for families in which people are allowed to touch things and, in this particular one, they had some things displayed so that you could choose and make a composition. This was my own composition in which both New York and Paris are represented, we also see shells and butterflies, which represent elements of nature that I like.
In some official oral tests, you are given a photograph you have to describe, I think this one would be a difficult one to describe. We should try to develop the skill of describing a photo with our students. There are some expressions we should use, such as "at the top, at the bottom, in the middle, on the right side, on the left side" to place our discourse of the description. Other useful expressions are: "we can see, we perceive, we distinguish..." We must always remember to use as many modifiers as possible, like adjectives, prepositional phrases, noun phrases, nouns, relative sentences and so on...Always remember to add your personal opinion in the end, if you like it or not and why.

So, do you feel like describing this one? 
Give it a try! Leave it in a comment!

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  1. Me encanta Ana... ARTISTA!!! El nuevo aspecto del blog, la foto, todo... Muy tú!


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