International Day Against Homophobia

"Flowers" by Lucía R.B. to whom I talk about homophobia
On the 17th May 1990, the World Health Organization took out homosexuality from the list of illnesses, that is the reason why today we celebrate today the International Day Against Homophobia.  There are still some countries in which it is a crime to have homosexual relationships and in many others, they feel bullied or discriminated.

I am a bit fed up of listening to people saying that everything should be treated in schools, but I think this topic should and this is why:

 I see them everyday, 
even though they are a minority, they do exist.
 Most of them, both boys and girls, 
do not want the rest of the people to know, 
 while the rest of their mates are experiencing their first intimate relationships,
 they cannot.

 Even if they are brave enough to have a relationship during their high school years,
 they do not kiss each other, 
they do not hug each other,
 they do not hold hands in public.
One day they will.
We won't even look back.
They will kiss,
they will hug,
they will hold hands...
And I will love to teach in that high school.

We have to acknowledge them in high schools, give them our support as teachers so that they are as free as the rest.


  1. I like it. Do you write poetry in spanish? Regards.

    1. Thanks so much!!I feel so honoured, that comment coming from you... I used to want to be a writer and I have always written both in Spanish and in English. Kind regards.


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