Learning vocabulary: Cooking with Jamie Oliver

In this unit, we are reviewing food and how to talk about it. We are also introducing the vocabulary you need to talk about the process of cooking (add, bake, boil, chop, fry, grate, grill, mix, peel, pour, put, season, slice  and wash).
 Many of these words appear on this video by Jamie Oliver, one of the most famous cooks in the UK at the moment. He has done many  TV programmes and is famous also for promoting quick healthy meals almost anyone can do in less than half an hour.

What verbs of the bold list does he actually say?
Do you think it is an easy dish to do? Would you like giving it a try?

If you want to read about how to talk about quantities and food go to this and this post.


  1. Fantastic post!Now I am starving! XD

    To review cooking verbs and their pronunciations I would like to recommed this link: http://www.theenglishalley.es/verbs/cookingverbs.html

    Also you can review cooling items vocabulary in http://www.theenglishalley.es/verbs/cookingverbs.html

    I hope it will be useful!

    1. Great tips, very useful, I will share them with my students on Twitter! Thank you Mike, and congratulations, excellent work!


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