My first MOOC.

I am going to show you my last new adventure (two in a week, not a bad one, is it?). On Monday I started my first MOOC, it stands for Massive Open Online Course and they are online courses proposed by prestigious universities which are held online for thousands of people.

The course I am taking is called "Tecnologías de información y comunicación en la educación" and it is from the University of Mexico. It started on Monday and it finishes on the 23rd June and the work is divided into 5 weeks at the end of which we, the students, will have to have read some documents and fill in an autoevaluation test. There are also forums and 5 live sessions on YouTube. We also have a hashtag on Twitter: #ticunam

At the end of the course, our final project will be evaluated by 5 mates of the course and that result (80%)  together with the sum of the autoevaluations (20%) will be our final result. We are recommended to write a blog with our personal thinkings which I will link when I have something written, it is called Formación Docente (fuera de horario).

I think MOOCs are a perfect way to develop a personal learning environment for teachers for some reasons:

  • We do have time and willingness to learn; but certainly we cannot take lessons in the morning or the afternoon.
  •  We can choose among thousands of courses from all around the world which will certify our learning. 
  • We get certified for free (which is excellent now that our pays are getting reduced). 
  • We get to create a network of professional teachers who have the same worries and interests...

Have you ever taken part in one? Share your experience with us and wish me good luck!


  1. Felicidades Ana. Muy lindo blog. Intentare seguir tus pasos.

    1. Muchas gracias Jose Alvaro, éste es mi blog de clase y reflexiones sobre la educación del inglés y en general que tengo desde hace año y medio. El de Ticunam es http://formaciondocentef.blogspot.com.es/ pero aún no he empezado a escribir.


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