The Odd Life of Timothy Green


- Trainer: "Why are you smiling?"
- Timothy: "I can only get better"

To tell the truth, I haven't seen the film, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, but I  saw the commercial spot and it really hit me how this is the right attitude to show those that say: "I don't know any English", as to make the teacher aware that we should leave them alone... those who are afraid to learn English.

I have used this short video after correcting in class the diagnostic test we  make at the beginning of the course as part of the initial evaluation to get to know better where our students are. It makes them feel better and I make a statement to my class: "I am here to teach you, I don't care what your level is, we'll try to get it higher"

What do you think? Do you use something similar? Have you seen the film?
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  1. Good phrase to begin an academic year.


  2. Remember this spot?


    1. It is really very good!!Thanks Antonio!!I'll probably use it in the school year!


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